• Centricity™ Perinatal
  • Centricity Perinatal Web Module
  • 2002033-068-36EN Revision 1

About the Patient Directory

The Patient Directory is filtered by the units to which the user has access. Once filtered by unit, the Patient Directory displays a list of patients which includes identifying information, such as patient name, patient ID, unit, and bed. The Patient Directory also displays the patient’s provider’s name, and provider group. From the Patient Directory you can also access chart information, if available.

Note: If the provider or provider group have not yet been documented, the label will still be displayed.
Note: Your site may have chosen to not display provider group.

The Patient List is in alphanumeric order by bed. You can search the patient list in a unit for a patient name, ID, bed, provider, or group.

Centricity Perinatal Web will remember your selected unit for your device. When you return to the Patient Directory from the Patient Details view, the patient list will be refreshed. If you do not have privileges to the last unit selected on that device you will be prompted to select a unit.

There are icons available on every page once you have logged in. The About, Help, and Logout icons allow you to access information about the application, access the application’s help system, and log out of the application.

Note: Patients added or removed from the directory and changes made to the patient identifying information will be displayed the next time the Patient Directory is opened.
Note: If unit permissions are changed, the change will not take effect until your next login.
Note: If there are a large numbers of patients in the patient directory, this may result in longer load time.
Note: When using Centricity Perinatal Web, you may experience performance delays when accessing units with large numbers of patients.
Tip: If you want to see the Hold Beds for a unit, you need to go to Centricity Perinatal, Centricity Perinatal - Connect, or have the hold patient transferred to a non-hold bed within the unit so that it will be listed in the refreshed Patient directory.
Figure 1. Patient Directory