• Centricity™ Perinatal
  • Centricity Perinatal Web Module
  • 2002033-068-36EN Revision 1

About Web Annotation Comments

The Web Annotation Comment screen can be used to enter a text note to a patient’s fetal strip from within Centricity Perinatal Web, if configured.

Web Annotation Comment Creation

The Web Annotation Comment allows you to create a web annotation for any minute of a patient’s fetal monitor session that you have loaded in the Patient Details View. This annotation can then be seen in Centricity Perinatal Web as well as Centricity Perinatal and Centricity Perinatal - Connect.

Figure 1. Web Annotation Comment Dialog

Web Annotation Viewer

Annotations are available for the time you have loaded for your patient. You can view the web annotation comments, connect annotation comments, and other annotations. Annotations must exist on the CPN fetal strip or Connect time continuum to be seen in the Web Annotation Viewer. Web Annotation Comments can only be viewed in a patient’s details between the time the first grid started and the time the final grid ended. These comments and annotations must be configured items in order to be viewed. Annotations corrected (struck through) in Centricity Perinatal - Connect will not be displayed.

Note: If you are using Centricity Perinatal Web without Centricity Perinatal - Connect and need to correct a Web Annotation Comment, your System Manager must add the item FMNOTE to a chart in Centricity Perinatal to correct the Web Annotation Comment from Centricity Perinatal.
Note: Annotations recorded in the partial minute at the beginning of the loaded data cannot be viewed until you load data to include the entire minute. If it is the first partial minute for the patient’s strip, to see the annotations you must go to Centricity Perinatal or Centricity Perinatal - Connect.
Note: All users authorized with a Centricity Perinatal Web license have the ability to read and write within the application.
Figure 2. Web Annotation Viewer Dialog