• Centricity™ Perinatal
  • Centricity Perinatal Web Module
  • 2002033-068-36EN Revision 1

Phone-Specific Information

Centricity Perinatal Web can be used on a smart phone, in full screen mode launched from the home screen.

When using Centricity Perinatal Web on a smaller screen device, like a smart phone, you may see some differences in screen display. These differences come from the need to display all the relevant information. In general, the smaller your screen, the more alternate displays you will see.

Tip: The Patient Details View cannot be seen completely on some smaller devices. You can scroll this view by using the edges, instead of the center.

Some smart phones that run a Microsoft Windows operating system may not properly display the Centricity Perinatal Web module in landscape.

Display of the keyboard on some devices may cause the Centricity Perinatal Web module to not display properly. Close the keyboard and rotate the device to re-display the Centricity Perinatal Web module.