• Centricity™ Perinatal
  • Centricity Perinatal Web Module
  • 2002033-068-36EN Revision 1

Troubleshooting “System Unavailable”

In the event that there is a problem with the Centricity Perinatal Web Server such as it is offline, the network is down, or the VPN is down, the application displays the message, “The system is currently unavailable” after the user attempts to logon. This message is also displayed for other causes as well, especially with the first time setup or just after a CPN upgrade to a new CPN version. This section identifies common setup causes and their solutions.

Cause 1. It is possible the SSL certificate is not resolving properly. This may be seen where the user can logon the first time but never the second time. The customer should consult their vendor for the device to ensure that the SSL certificate they have on their Connect server is a trusted authority on the device in question. If not, there are some workarounds that have been effective:

  • Try to use the Safari browser rather than the “home” browser for the device.

  • Put Safari in private mode.

  • Under settings, turn off the popup blocker.

Cause 2. If the issue occurs only with some patients, but not with others than this could be an issue with the size of the patient records. If you are selecting patients in training beds and for example have left these patients in the training beds for weeks, then they will have an unrealistic number of days of fetal strip data. If this record has an unrealistic number of days, you can transfer the patient out of the training bed and admit a new patient to the training bed. You can also speak with a GE clinical service representative about how to setup PTD jobs that periodically remove the patient records from the training beds.