• Centricity™ Perinatal
  • Centricity Perinatal Web Module
  • 2002033-068-36EN Revision 1

Reporting of Serious Incidents

Any serious incident related to the use of this GE Healthcare product, should be reported to both the manufacturer and the health/competent authority where the product is installed.
  • To report to GE Healthcare:
    • Either contact your local service representative
    • or report to: In-box.complaints@ge.com
  • Please provide the following information:
    • The catalogue number or the model designation of the product as stated on the product. See "Access the About Dialog".
    • The SystemID/serial number/lot number of the product
    • Date of incident
    • Description of incident, including any patient or user impact/injury
    • Your contact information (facility, address, contact name, title, and telephone number)