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The information in this manual only applies to the most current Centricity Perinatal applications available as of the revision date of this publication. Specifications in this manual are subject to change without notice. Contact GE Healthcare for the most current information.

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This manual is intended for clinical professionals. Clinical professionals are expected to know the medical procedures, practices, and terminology required to provide patient care. Operation of the product should neither circumvent nor take precedence over required patient care, nor should it impede the human intervention of attending nurses, physicians, or other medical personnel in a manner that would have a negative impact on patient health.

All illustrations are provided as examples only. Your product features and configuration may be different than those shown. Names of persons, institutions, and places and related information are fictitious; any similarity to actual persons, entities, or places is purely coincidental.

The term “CPN” within this manual refers to Centricity Perinatal.

The Centricity Perinatal product was previously named “Quantitative Sentinel (QS)”. You may still see “QS” used in the Centricity Perinatal product.

Centricity is a trademark of General Electric Company. All other marks are owned by their respective owners.


Users should be aware of known RF sources, such as radio or TV stations and hand-held or mobile two-way radios, and consider them when installing a medical device or system.

Be aware that adding accessories or components, or modifying the medical device or system may degrade its Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) characteristics. Consult with qualified personnel regarding changes to the system configuration.