• Centricity™ Perinatal
  • Centricity Perinatal Web Module
  • 2002033-068-36EN Revision 1

Use Online Help

This procedure shows you how to use the system's online help.

This topic shows you how to access the system's online help and how to use the help's various functions (on-screen elements) to navigate around in it.
To access the system's online help, tap the Help icon. or
Table 1. How to Use Help Functions
Contents tabDisplays the table of contents.Tap the Contents icon, then tap a section to open it. Tap on a topic to display its details.
E-Mail buttonIf your system is configured to work with your e-mail system, displays a blank e-mail message that allows you to provide feedback to GE Healthcare about the online help.Tap E-mail to launch your e-mail system. You can then write your feedback e-mail and send the message to GE Healthcare.
Index tabDisplays the index.Tap the Index icon, then scroll through the list of entries. Tap the entry whose details you want to see.
Next buttonMoves you forward to the next topic.To go to the next topic:

Tap Next.

Previous buttonMoves you backward to the previous topic.To go to the previous topic:

Tap Previous.

Print buttonAllows you to print the currently displayed topic.Tap Print.
Search Displays the Search pane that allows you to find information using a keyword search.Tap the Search icon, then enter the keywords that interest you, then tap Go!.